BSH:Number Nodes

For adding this functionality to the system, simply open a text editor and add the following source code. Save the file with the extension .bsh to your home-folder.

For example under Windows you may store the file as "c:\documents and settings\myUserAccount\numbernodes.bsh".

Under linux you may save the file to "/home/myuseraccount/numbernodes.bsh".

The corresponding menu item command "Nodes/Number Nodes" (as defined in the first line of the source code) will be added to the system as soon as you create or open a empty editor window (File/New, File/Open).

Source Code


For this image the node-grid, generated with the Generate Node-Grid-script LINK REFERS TO SAME PAGE? has been used as an example graph for the Number Nodes command:

Example for the Number Nodes command

Example for the Number Nodes command