VANTED v2.6.5 release (29/03/2018)

  •  Java 9 Compatibility Update
  • Several algorithms improved, including

    •  Find and Layout Circles
    •  Merge Nodes
    •  Erdos-Renyi Graph Generation
    •  Watts-Strogatz Graph Generation
    •  Grubbs' Test
    •  David Test

  •  Minor BioModels update
  •  OS X in-graph grid movement fix
  •  Overall internal improvements

VANTED v2.6.4 release (09/12/2017)

  • High DPI Support feature
  • Nimbus LookAndFeel is now disabled
  • Edge selection positioning
  • Metacrop stability improvements
  • Detached mode update
  • Node Functions enhancements
  • Server update
  • Windows Installer update
  • Overall performance and stability improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

VANTED v2.6.3 release (16/09/2016)

  • Fixed drawing problems of nodes with border size 1
  • Fixed GraphML reader
  • Added support for more SBGN shapes
  • Added BioModels backup webservice location
  • Changed MetaCrop maps to support new SBGN shapes

VANTED v2.6.2 release (09/03/2016)

  • Minor bugfixes
  • Native support for more SBGN shapes
  • Relative positioning of labels

VANTED v2.6.1 release (19/01/2016)

  • Bugfixes including broken compatibility with SBGN-Ed
  • Update to new jsbml 1.1 library
  • Changes and bugfixes in APIs for Developers

VANTED v2.6.0 release (27/11/2015)


  • Code clean-up and removal of bugs using bug-scanner tools
  • Cluster background is now exported to image
  • Introducing edge bends is now working properly
  • Sometimes specific changes didn't visually appear and a redraw had to be triggered


  • Update scan improved to support md5-hash and includes Add-ons as well
  • Performance improvement for larger networks (30k nodes and more)
  • Support for the SBML-Layout extension
  • Added Animation Framework
  • Selection frames can now be drawn inside nodes using Ctrl+Shift
  • Nodes can be created inside other nodes using Ctrl+Shift

VANTED v2.5.3 release (05/10/2015)


  • Start up problems, when no previous preferences were found to select LookAndFeel
  • Several minor bugfixes found and fixed throughout heavy usage


  • the "Remove Connecting Nodes" algorithm will now not only remove nodes and keep the overall connection of the network, but also respect the original direction
  • the ESC key will also deselect network elements

VANTED v2.5.2 release (16/09/2015)

This release contains only minor bugfixes which improve user experience and speed.

You can download and install this version [here].

VANTED v2.5.1 release (06/09/2015)

Due to a bug in the loading process the SBML loader was broken. This has been fixed but you need to install the new release of VANTED using the installer. This bug will not be fixed using the automated VANTED update.

You can download and install this version [here].

VANTED v2.5.0 release (01/09/2015)

Changes are listed below:

  • Drawing speed improvement when loading and exploring large networks
  • Reorganisation of menus and sidepanels
  • Support for downloads of curated SBML models from Biomodels database [link]
  • Reenabling support to create GO and KEGG hierarchies
  • Better support for program preferences
  • Tons of bug fixes

We removed the download link as this version had a bug in the loading code. Please download the latest version.

VANTED v2.2.0 release (23/12/2014)

Changes are listed below:

You can download and install this version [here].