Outreach & Publications



We present our research not only at university events such as the “Long Night of Science” but aim to educate a broader audience, for example, by contributing to exhibitions such as the presentation of immersive analytics research as part of the ICARUS exhibition on Mainau Island. We are also part of an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional four-semester course “Exhibition Design. Interactive Media for Museums” which teaches students to develop professional, innovative and interactive exhibition concepts. By clicking on the images on the left side you are forwarded to videos about the exhibitions.

School Projects

For many years we have given courses for school students to introduce them to computer science and bioinformatics. Together with Barbara Pampel we recently initiated and run a joint project with the Gymnasium (high school) Überlingen to involve Bachelor/Master students from the university in computer science projects for school students in years 7 to 12. We also do short hands-on courses with primary school students using educational technologies such as Little Bits to introduce the children to computer science in a playful way.




Kim Marriott, Falk Schreiber, Tim Dwyer, Karsten Klein, Nathalie Henry Riche, Takayuki Itoh, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger and Bruce H. Thomas: Immersive Analytics  Springer, 2018.

This book is the first textbook for the novel research area of Immersive Analytics. It clarifies and reviews central aspects of immersive analytics research, its aims, opportunities, historical context, research agenda, as well as technological and psychological immersion. 

Ina Koch, Wolfgang Reisig and Falk Schreiber: Modeling in Systems Biology: The Petri Net Approach Springer, 2011.

This book presents the modelling of biochemical and cellular networks (e.g., metabolism, regulation, signaling) based on Petri net theory. It serves as text book for biologists who want to model biochemical systems using Petri nets as well as for computer scientists who are interested in biological applications of Petri nets.

Björn H. Junker and Falk Schreiber:  Analysis of Biological Networks  Wiley, 2008.

This book presents methods for the analysis of biological networks. The first part introduces network analysis algorithms such as centralities, motifs, clustering and general network properties, and the second part studies the usage of these methods for the investigation of different biological networks ranging from molecular networks (gene regulation, protein interaction, metabolism) to ecological and phylogenetical networks. 

List of Publications


•   P. Eades, N. Gröne, K. Klein, P. Eades, L. Schreiber, U. Hailer and F. Schreiber: CelticGraph: Drawing Graphs as Celtic Knots and Links The 31st International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization, just accepted, 2023.

•   S. P. Feyer, B. Pinaud, S. G. Kobourov, N. Brich, M. Krone, A. Kerren, M. Behrisch, F. Schreiber and K. Klein: 2D, 2.5D, or 3D? An Exploratory Study on Multilayer Network Visualisations in Virtual Reality IEEE VIS: Visualization & Visual Analytics (VIS 2023), just accepted, 2023.

•   M. König, P. Gleeson, M. Golebiewski, T. E. Gorochowski, M. Hucka, S. M. Keating, C. J. Myers, D. P. Nickerson, B. Sommer, D. Waltemath, and F. Schreiber: Specifications of standards in systems and synthetic biology: status and developments in 2022 and the COMBINE meeting 2022 Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics 20 (1): 19 pages, 2023.

•   Y. Zhang, K. Klein, F. Schreiber and K. Safi: Beyond the Horizon: Immersive Developments for Animal Ecology Research Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and Art 6 (1): 14 pages, 2023.

•   M. Kern, S. Jaeger-Honz, F. Schreiber and B. Sommer: APL@Voro—Interactive Visualisation and Analysis of Cell Membrane Simulations Bioinformatics 39 (2): 3 pages, 2023.

•   I. Suciu, J. Delp, S. Gutbier, A.-K. Ückert, A.-S. Spreng, P. Eberhard, C. Karreman, F. Schreiber, K. Madjar, J. Rahnenführer, I. Celardo, I. Amelio and L. Leist: Dynamic Metabolic and Transcriptional Responses of Proteasome-Inhibited Neurons Antioxidants 12(1): 21 pages, 2023.


•   F. Schreiber, E. Grafahrend-Belau, O. Kohlbacher and H. Mi: Visualising Metabolic Pathways and Networks: Past, Present, Future in M. Chen and R. Hofestädt (eds.), Integrative Bioinformatics, Springer, Singapore, 237-267, 2022.

•  A. Niarakis, M. Ostaszewski, A. Mazein, I. Kuperstein, M. Kutmon, M. E. Gillespie, A. Funahashi, M. Luis Acencio, A. Hemedan, M. Aichem, K. Klein, T. Czauderna, F. Burtscher, T. G. Yamada, Y. Hiki, N. F. Hiroi, F. Hu, N. Pham, F. Ehrhart, E. L. Willighagen, A. Valdeolivas, A. Dugourd, F. Messina, M. Esteban-Medina, M. Peña-Chilet, K. Rian, S. Soliman, S. Sadat Aghamiri, B. Lal Puniya, A. Naldi, T. Helikar, V. Singh, M. Fariñas Fernández, V. Bermudez, E. Tsirvouli, A. Montagud, V. Noël, M. Ponce de Leon, D. Maier, A. Bauch, B. M. Gyori, J. A. Bachman, A. Luna, J. Pinero, L. I. Furlong, I. Balaur, A. Rougny, Y. Jarosz, R. W. Overall, R. Phair, L. Perfetto, L. Matthews, D. Arokia Balaya Rex, M. Orlic-Milacic, M. Gomez Luis Cristobal, B. De Meulder, J. Marie Ravel, B. Jassal, V. Satagopam, G. Wu, M. Golebiewski, P. Gawron, L. Calzone, J. S. Beckmann, C. T. Evelo, P. D’Eustachio, F. Schreiber, J. Saez-Rodriguez, J. Dopazo, M. Kuiper, A. Valencia, O. Wolkenhauer, H. Kitano, E. Barillot, C. Auffray, R. Balling, R. Schneider and the COVID-19 Disease Map Community: A versatile and interoperable computational framework for the analysis and modeling of COVID-19 disease mechanismsbioRxiv: 41 pages, 2022.

•  M. Aichem, K. Klein, T. Czauderna, D. Garkov, J. Zhao, J. Li and F. Schreiber: Towards a Hybrid User Interface for the Visual Exploration of Large Biomolecular Networks using Virtual Reality Journal of integrative bioinformatics 19 (4): 15 pages, 2022.

•  Y. Zhang, K. Klein, O. Deussen, T. Gutschlag and S. Storandt: Robust visualization of trajectory data it - Information Technology 64 (4-5): 181-191, 2022.

•  K. Klein, M. Sedlmair and F. Schreiber: Immersive analytics: An overview it - Information Technology 64 (4-5): 155-168, 2022.

•  F. Schreiber and D. Weiskopf: Quantitative visual computing it - Information Technology 64 (4-5): 119-120, 2022.

•  X. Jiang, M.-L. Han, K. Tran, N. Patil, W. Ma, K. Roberts, M. Xiao, B. Sommer, F. Schreiber, L. Wang, T. Velkov, J. Li: An intelligent strategy with all-atom molecular dynamics simulations for the design of lipopeptides against multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 65 (14): 10001-10013, 2022.

•  A. Niarakis, D. Waltemath, J. Glazier, F. Schreiber, S. M. Keating, D. Nickerson, C. Chaouiya, A. Siegel, V. Noel, H. Hermjakob, T. Helikar, S. Soliman and L. Calzone: Addressing barriers in comprehensiveness, accessibility, reusability, interoperability and reproducibility of computational models in systems biology Briefing in Bioinformatics 23 (4): 11 pages, 2022.

•  F. Schreiber and T. Czauderna: Design considerations for representing systems biology information with the Systems Biology Graphical Notation Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 19 (2): 15 pages, 2022.

•   S. Jaeger-Honz, J. Nitschke, S. Altaner, K. Klein, D. R. Dietrich and F. Schreiber: Investigation of Microcystin Conformation and Binding towards PPP1 by Molecular Dynamics Simulation  Chemico-Biological Interactions 351: 15 pages, 2022.

•   D. Bienroth, H. T. Nim, D. Garkov, K. Klein, S. Jaeger-Honz, M. Ramialison and F. Schreiber: Spatially-Resolved Transcriptomics in Immersive Environments  Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and Art 5 (2): 13 pages, 2022.

•   M. Kraus, J. Fuchs, B. Sommer, K. Klein, U. Engelke, D. Keim and F. Schreiber: ‘Immersive Analytics with Abstract 3D Visualizations: A Survey’ Computer Graphics Forum 41: 201-229, 2022.

•  D. Garkov, C. Müller, M. Braun, D. Weiskopf and F. Schreiber: Research Data Curation in Visualization: Position Paper in IEEE Workshop on Evaluation and Beyond - Methodological Approaches for Visualization (BELIV): 56-65, 2022.

•  L. Joos, S. Jaeger-Honz, F. Schreiber, D. A. Keim and K. Klein: Visual Comparison of Networks in VRin IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 28 (11): 3651-3661, 2022.


•   M. Ostaszewski, [..], H. Borlinghaus, F. Schreiber, [...], and the COVID-19 Disease Map Community: COVID19 Disease Map, a computational knowledge repository of virus-host interaction mechanisms  Molecular Systems Biology 17: e10387, 2021.

•   K. Klein, D. Garkov, S. Rütschlin, T. Böttcher and F. Schreiber: QSDB - a graphical Quorum Sensing Database Database Issue 2021: baab058, 2021.

•   X. Jiang, N. A. Patil, M. A. Azad, H. Wickremasinghe, H. Yu, J. Zhao, X. Zhang, M. Li, B. Gong, L. Wan, W. Ma, P. E. Thompson, E. Philip, K. Yang, B. Yuan, F. Schreiber, L. Wang, T. Velkov, Kade D. Roberts, J. Li: A novel chemical biology and computational approach to expedite the discovery of new-generation polymyxins against life-threatening Acinetobacter baumannii Chemical Science 36 (12): 12211-12220, 2021.

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•   M. Aichem, T. Czauderna, Y. Zhu, J. Zhao, M. Klapperstück, K. Klein, J. Li and F. Schreiber: Visual exploration of large metabolic models Bioinformatics, 37 (23): 4460–4468, 2021.

•   K. Klein, M. Aichem, Y. Zhang, S. Erk, B. Sommer and F. Schreiber: TEAMwISE: synchronised immersive environments for exploration and analysis of animal behaviour Journal of Visualization 24: 845–859, 2021.

•   K. Klein, S. Jaeger, J. Melzheimer, B. Wachter, H. Hofer, A. Baltabayev and F. Schreiber: Visual analytics of sensor movement data for cheetah behaviour analysis Journal of Visualization 24: 807–825, 2021.

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•   M. König, J. Grzegorzewski, M. Golebiewski, H. Hermjakob, M. Huchka, B. Olivier, S. Keating, D. Nickerson, F. Schreiber, R. Sheriff and D. Waltemath: ‘Ten Simple Rules for FAIR Sharing of Experimental and Clinical Data with the Modeling Community’ Preprints: 10 pages, 2021.


•   X. Jiang, K. Yang, B. Yuan, M. Han, Y. Zhu, K. D. Roberts, N. A. Patil, J. Li, B. Gond, R. E. W. Hancock, T. Velkov F. Schreiber, L. Wang and J. Li: Molecular dynamics simulations informed by membrane lipidomics reveal the structure-interaction relationship of polymyxins with the lipid A-based outer membrane of Acinetobacter baumannii Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 75(12): 3534-3543, 2020.

•   X. Jiang, K. Yang, B. Yuan, B. Gong, L. Wan, N. A. Patil, J. D. Swarbrick, K. D. Roberts, F. Schreiber, L. Wang, T. Velkov and J. Li: Simulations of octapeptin-outer membrane interactions reveal conformational flexibility is linked to antimicrobial potency Journal of Biological Chemistry 295: 15902-15912, 2020.

•   X. Jiang, K. Yang, M.-L. Han, B. Yuan, J. Li, B. Gong, T. Velkov, F. Schreiber, L. Wang and J. Li: Outer membranes of polymyxin-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii with phosphoethanolamine-modified Lipid A and Lipopolysaccharide loss display different atomic-scale interactions with polymyxins ACS Infectious Diseases 6(10): 2698-2708, 2020.

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•   J. Zhao, Y. Zhu, J. Han, Y.-W. Lin, M. Aichem, J. Wang, K. Chen, T. Velkov, F. Schreiber and J. Li: Genome-scale metabolic modelling reveals metabolic alterations of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in a murine bloodstream infection model Special Issue Microorganisms 8 (11): 18 pages, 2020.

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