Java version 7 to 9 is required.
Download the latest  Java runtime

Download the latest version of VANTED for your operating system

VANTED 2.6.5 for Windows VANTED 2.6.5 for Linux VANTED 2.6.5 for Mac VANTED 2.6.5 Java Web Start (64 bit) VANTED 2.6.5 Java Web Start (32 bit)

Remarks on Security Pop-Ups: As the automatic/unconfirmed start of any application downloaded from the web imposes a potential security risk, system/browser dependent security dialogs will be shown before the download and/or upon first start of the application. You will need to confirm these security dialogs, as this application can otherwise not be executed.

VANTED does not contain any logging functionality or hidden features. It connects to the internet only for network related functionality on users request. During startup the Java Web Start system will automatically look for updated system files.