Add-ons which work with the current Vanted version.


SBGN-ED - editing, translating and validating of SBGN maps

SBGN-ED is a VANTED Add-on which allows to create and edit all three types of SBGN maps, that is Process Description, Entity Relationship and Activity Flow, to validate these maps according to the SBGN specifications, to translate maps from the KEGG and MetaCrop pathway databases into SBGN, and to export SBGN maps into several file and image formats.
SBGN (Systems Biology Graphical Notation) is an emerging standard for graphical representations of biochemical and cellular processes studied in systems biology. (Publication)


CentiLib - computation of network centralities

CentiLib is an Add-on for the computation and investigation of weighted and unweighted centralities in biological networks. CentiLib was developed to integrate the computation of centralities into as many tools for the visualisation and analysis of biological networks as possible. In addition it can also be used for other types of networks, too.  (Publication)


FluxMap - visual exploration of flux distributions in biological networks 

FluxMap is an easy to use tool for the advanced visualisation of simulated or measured flux data in biological networks. Flux data import is achieved via a structured template basing on intuitive reaction equations. Flux data is mapped onto any network and visualised using edge thickness. Various visualisation options and interaction possibilities enable comparison and visual analysis of complex experimental setups in an interactive way. (Publication)

Add-ons which work with older Vanted versions.


Dynamic visualisation of constraint-based metabolic models

FBA-SimVis is a VANTED Add-on for the constraint-based analysis of metabolic systens with special focus on the dynamic and visual exploration of metabolic flux data resulting from model analysis. (Publication)


PetriNet - reconstruction, simulation, and analysis of biological networks using Petri nets 

PetriNet is an Add-on to handle discrete and continuous place-transition nets of varying complexity. The editing of Petri nets and the transformation of biological networks into Petri nets is possible in an interactive way. Simulation and analysis are supported by different visualisation and interaction techniques to capture the properties and behaviour of Petri nets quickly (e. g. interactive animation of the switching behavior, interactive exploration of invariants and the reachability graph). (Publication)


GLIEP - navigation and exploration of interconnected pathway visualisation 

GLIEP stands for "Glyph-based Link Exploration of Pathways" and helps to guide the navigation and exploration process of interconnected pathway visualisation as well as providing insight into the overall interconnectivity. (Publication)

Multimodal Datahandling

Multimodal datahandling is an Add-on for the VANTED system and enables to import, handle and export multimodal data, such as volumes, images and networks as experimental data. The Add-on is more like an utility Add-on used by different Add-ons. (Publication)