Dimitar Garkov

University of Konstanz
Department of Computer and Information Science
Room: PZ 1005 | Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 4657
Mail: dimitar.garkov@uni-konstanz.de

Working on project INF of SFB-TRR 161.

Research Interests

  • Immersive Analytics
  • Collaboration in Immersive Environments
  • Research Data Management and Curation
  • Visualisation and Quantification of Brain Structure
  • Network Visualisation and Analysis


  • Software development and maintenance of VANTED
  • Brainacle: measurement and segmentation of (brain) structure
  • VEDEX: Virtual Environment for Data Exchange
  • Contributions in the design and development of VR-Omics, VR-Cardiomics,
    and VR-Cardiomics (zSpace)
  • Software libraries for Unity

Teaching and Responsibilities

WT 22/23 Unity Crash-Course
Exercises for Petri Nets and Applications in Life Sciences
      21/22 Doctoral co-speaker of SFB-TRR 161
WT 21/22 Exercises for Petri Nets
WT 20/21 Exercises for Immersive Analytics
Exercises for Network Visualisation
ST 20 Exercises for Petri Nets
WT 19/20 Exercises for Network Visualisation

Selected Publications

D. Garkov, C. Müller, M. Braun, D. Weiskopf, F. Schreiber: "Research Data Curation in Visualization : Position Paper", BELIV, 2022. [Data]

D. Bienroth, H. Nim, D.Garkov, K. Klein, S. Jaeger-Honz, M. Ramialison, F. Schreiber: "Spatially resolved Transcriptomics in Immersive Environments", Vis. Comput. Ind. Biomed., 2022.

K. Klein, D. Garkov, S. Rütschlin, T. Böttcher, F. Schreiber: "QSDB - a graphical Quorum Sensing Database", Database, 2021. [Data]

D. Garkov, E. Lein, C. Dullin, K. Klein, A. Jordan, F. Schreiber, B. Sommer: "Towards an Immersive Analytics Application for Anatomical Fish Brain Data", BioVis, 2020 (poster).

D. Garkov, K. Klein, C. Klukas, F. Schreiber: "Mental-Map Preserving Visualisation of Partitioned Networks in Vanted", J. Integr. Bioinform., 2019.