Node Helper API

Here are all NodeHelper commands described, which are not related to mapping data. The access to mapping data with the NodeHelper object is described here.

Additional Methods

Node getGraphNode()
void setFillColor(Color c)
Color getFillColor()
boolean isLastNode() -- in case a script is called one time for each node (§ character in menu title), in case of the last call, this method will return true. The scripting environment will be re-used for each call, which makes it possible to store information during each node related execution of a script.
Color getBorderColor()
void setBorderColor(Color c)
void setSize(double width, double height)
double getWidth()
double getHeight()
String getClusterID(String ifNoCluster)
void setClusterID(String clusterID)
void setPosition(double x, double y)
double getX()
double getY()
String getURL()
void setURL(String url)
void setAttributeValue(String path, String name, Object value)
Object getAttributeValue(String path, String name, Object returnIfNull, Object returnType)
String getTooltip()
void setTooltip(String tooltip)
void setLabel(String label)
String getLabel()
double getBorderWidth()
void setBorderWidth(double w)
void setRounding(double r)
double getRounding()

Gravisto API Methods

  • All Methods of the Node interface are available also for the NodeHelper object, as it implements the Node interface. This makes it possible to use the NodeHelper object instead of the Node object in most existing algorithms. In certain situations, e.g. deletion of a Graph-Node, the NodeHelper object may not be used directly. In case of doubt, use the getGraphNode Method to retreive the source Node and provide this object.
  • The method implementations forward all requests to the corresponding methods of the enclosed Node object, which may be retreived with the getGraphNode method

Please refer to the JavaDoc API Documentation of the Node interface. (TODO: Create JavaDoc and Provide Link)